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Sestina Eight

I called your name from the tower of Babble, Where the old ones’ breath shakes each branch And stone. A sweet country girl alone in the wood By the silencing stream. My voice full of strain But you gather it not, your head’s in a book, You notice not fauna or fungus at all. Smell […]

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Sestina Seven

Sit with me. Kindly untangle the threads of threat, Filter my gasps through a splendid mesh of web, And retire the urgency that is spilling into our cracks. And let us at least embrace the sofa’s soft calling, Where a sinner’s song is hummed low, hiding Between a sorrow and a confession. Sit with me, […]

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Sestina Six

Behind you, alone or asleep, your sweetheart. A mirror, A delicious cake knowing its own happening, unknown In its own haphazardness, wildly running out for more. More layers lead to elaborate vexations. Startling rumors Begin to stack up and the dealers who shuffle the ordinary Cards are replaced with seers and a fresh-inked deck Spread […]

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Sestina Five

They are on the rooftops and they have keys. Though we are not under a constant attack Per se, their theorizing often complicates. There is an odor of salt, there is a train down The river and it runs all hours patiently, A cuneiform message shimmering in light. The passengers squabble, decoding, light Pouring from […]

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