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Mass Transportation by Scott Tienken


The buildings are literally running amok and a public bus is a harrowed citizenry’s only refuge in Scott Tienken’s futurist-jigsaw-gothic Mass Transportation. Join the citizens of Broken City as they flee from ambulatory buildings, urban ghosts, and each other; all too distracted to realize their only hope may be a mysterious woman known as The Queen.

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of port & hues

of port & hues by dylan rice-leary


A collection of poems written in 2010.

train yr tendrils to the trellis, morningglory

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Greatness By Scott Tienken

The anti-memoir of institutionally uncool Edward French who navigates deserts of self-help, organized crime, and women in search of Greatness.

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Tongues Tied To Anchors

Tongues Tied To Anchors by Laurence Lillvik

A collection of poems written in 2009.

Sirens dislodge them-
Selves from monoliths,

Swim beside us, tongues-
Tied to our anchors.

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