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The Viking Funeral

THE aspects of conifers.

VIKING, or priest, no matter. the

FUNERAL will persist without an audience.

PERSISTS even though the burials are now mysteries,

DESPITE the nagging know-how of best

PIPES + weights, edgy modern hems.

AND we can’t lift a collar to cold stares.

PROPER vikings take axe to issue but

WEIGHTS and expectations make clouds.

HATES. let it bleed through vestiges,

FATES. and the ground is always hungry requiring

BRAKES in the firmament to adjust the mesozoic

FACES of the imaginary crowd. a willow may ask you

FOR a puddle of water, but beware the

FUNNY men who scratch promises from your

WAYWARD chin hairs. they fall like lucky

WISHES & keep going back between bricks till

WIZARDS let them get black and long,

SWEPT up and unleashed on an alley

OUT behind the treasure palace. naturally

FRENZIED teenagers ignored all of the action.

SPIDERY and dangerous red, ready for

FUNNEL WEBS to launch backwards +

BROOMED into the dusty eyes of some itinerant laborer.

INTO the visions just about ready to take

FLIGHT. ready to fly into ears and lodge,

APPROACHING the end of the tail in the mouth of the serpent.

by Jennie and Laurence Lillvik

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